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By Bansari patel To the guy I could (n’t) get over, Everytime I sought love, I ended up with bad choices. I terribly made


By Bansari Patel Introverts First of all let me tell you, you’re beautiful! People would judge you, call your names, bar you from the


Feel The Love

Aarushi Morakhiya


Magic Of Memories

Deepa Srinivasan


Be A Fighter Always

Nishra Shah


A Letter To Society

Nirav Parmar

You Will Be Appreciated 2020!

We welcomed you with hopes ,aspirations and dreams. New resolutions were made, and Goals were set to be accomplished. We were ready for a fresh start, stepping into yet another bustling year. Little did we know that you had other plans. You sent out early signs that this year wasn’t…

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