By Nirav Parmar

A Letter to society

Dear Society,

Right now, every country’s youth is facing Body Shamers, bullies who verbally attack on people’s body shapes, color and sizes. Most people think that only women are victims of body shaming. However, that is partly false, men have always been victim too. However, I don’t want to discriminate here, as I believe it is a general problem of our society. 

My question is WHY???????

Why to humiliate anyone by making jokes on their lovely bodies which is giving them strength to live. Why do people make jokes if someone is thinner than they are or fatter than them? Why people don’t consider them normal? These questions are making our youth conscious and nervous thinking if they are normal or what.

Many people face these problems but only few can get through them. But what about others? Nearly half of them try to fit themselves into NORMAL categories made by you, i.e. dearest society. However, when they fail to do so, they suffer from Inferiority complex. This condition may seem very easy to someone who doesn’t suffer from it, but believe me, it isn’t.

So, what triggers these bullies? What are the reasons? Who are responsible for it?

According to me social media, films, TV shows, magazines, the so-called influencers, actors and most importantly society is the reason people get encouraged to body shame others. How? Let me tell you. I have always wondered why these TV shows, sitcoms, and movies so frequently use overweight and underweight character’s bodies as jokes. And the irony is that we (audience) laugh on those manipulative jokes too. If you ask me, I would say movie stars directly or indirectly contribute the most in body shaming by making movies centering stars having perfectly ripped body. I have a question for you, have you ever loved an actor/actress who does not have a “star body”? I am sure very few of you will answer yes. It’s not your fault at all, this has become everyone’s mentality that a star/actor must have a ripped body, otherwise they won’t be famous. I don’t blame these stars for this, they are following the pattern and working hard to be famous. And by seeing this, people try to bend themselves into social molds which affect their physical state and mental state as well. There is no other way to remove this taboo than changing your thoughts and expanding your views. At least we can try.

However, let me tell you not every film industry supports body shaming (directly or indirectly), I have watched many movies in which body positivity is described very efficiently. One of them is “Sierra Burgess is a Loser” which is my one of the favorites. Some other contents like Dumplin’, Imperfect, to be fat like me and many others have successfully passed the message.

We often see tips and quotes about how to lose/gain weight “in days”, appear slimmer “instantly”, hide your “imperfections”, “slim thighs”, how to get “abs”, “slim waist”, “beach body” and many more craps like this in magazines. These things are very unacceptable to me and I believe it is a way to manipulate anybody by cursing on his or her body type. I accept they are advertising for their particular gyms or any other product, but why do they compare body types. Moreover, how could they decide which body type is perfect and which is not. It’s understandable if they talk about obesity and how it can affect your body and health, and let me tell you, there is vast difference between obesity and overweight.

Besides that, we all know that social media has become the biggest platform to show yourself or express your views to anybody very easily, but have you ever thought that how these fitness influencers have affected everybody’s way of thinking? I don’t have any issues with you if you post your workout plan or diet plan. Although many social media handles post, things like “fat to fit” or “thin to fit”. I have issues with these types of things. This type of posts/statements are ultimately toxic for body image. By seeing these types of posts, people can feel neglected and inferior by thinking way too much about society’s “normal people criteria”.


Think yourself, if everyone was having same body, face, abilities, pros, cons and brain then how would everyone prove themselves different. How would anybody get a particular place in society? That is why god has made everyone different, and if we talk in terms of science then we will call it DIVERSITY.

People wants their stuffed toys to be round, fluffy and chubby but doesn’t accept people around them being fat, and they want their mobile phones to be as slim as possible but they question on eating habits of underweight. I mean it doesn’t make sense to me.

Besides, I believe people shouldn’t try to change themselves under pressure created by their surrounding people. The best thing is to be YOU. You should be confident under your own skin.

I am overweight too; does that mean society wouldn’t put me into “NORMAL” category? You know what, I am happy to be not normal, I am happy to be different. I don’t fuckin’ care with which eyes society sees me but I do care how I see myself. I am confident under my own skin. I would not say that I am perfect, but I would definitely say I AM PERFECTLY ME.

I’d like to say to my dear friends who have faced these bullies or are facing in their lives that don’t worry of what people say, if you want to change yourselves, go ahead there’s no one who can stop you from doing that. But don’t try to change yourselves under the pressure of society. You are perfect in every term just believe in YOU!

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  1. So thoughtful. It’s really bad to give comments on anyone’s body. It’s gifted by God then who we are to comment on.???? Fell proud to have life that’s more important. Love yourself and spread love and happiness.
    Stay happy 😄

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