By Prassani Modi

A step of goodness along with a smile can change someone's day

Today, with all the high spirits dancing inside; I decided to explore some unexplored place that is something like I have never been before.
So, during the drive I saw one small beautiful place with some elderly people 
talking sitting on the jhullas which is also known as hinchko in Gujarati. I don’t know what but something took me there and I just went inside ; I didn’t knew anyone , there was no one familiar to me but I felt like visiting them so I just went inside this gharda Ghar (Yes, it was an oldage home).
As I went inside one grandpa asked me , “બેટા શું કામ છે , તારે કોને મલવુ છે?”
I didn’t had any answer I was like ” દાદા મને બી નથી ખબર મારે કોને મલવુ છે બસ અહીંથી જતી હતી તો  મન થયું આવાનું , એવુંજ સમજી લો કે તમનેજ મલવા આવી છું.”
And hearing this he had a wide smile on his face along with the other grandpa (દાદા) sitting with him. Afterwards, I asked him his name his name was Atul Gandhi and he was staying there for quite a long time. 
Then, he introduced me to Suman Baa , she was chopping Vegetables but I felt like  disturbing her in-between so I stopped her and asked her , “કેમ છો બા‌? ,‌ જય શ્રી કૃષ્ણ”.
Hearing this she gave a wide infectious smile and told me ” બસ મજામાં બેટા “.
Just by asking them how they were and from how long they were staying there , they had soothing smiles on their bright faces which was missing when I just entered there.
So after this special meeting with Suman Baa and Atul Dada along with one other Dada (I don’t know his name) I realized that one smile and a step towards goodness can change anyone’s day. 
There is so much of hatred already, instead spread smiles!
Remember , kindness attracts, Always!!
You cannot make everyone happy but the least you can do is to be kind and spread positivity wherever you are and wherever you go. You know spreading kindness also gives message that there is so much of good outside along with good people as well.
So stay kind!!
Ps: The picture above was painted on the wall of this oldage home.

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