By Bansari Patel

A Year That Will Be Tainted Forever


Human hearts are tried. Four months down and you have already taken away so much. Maybe, you are new to this world and so you don’t understand how long  distance and separation hurts every bone in the body. All the memories left behind, make our body ache. We are scared of opening our eyes to a new day. No more, we want to sleep with the constant thought of ,”when will this get over ?” ripping our brains apart.
2020,can we try and be friends.? From amazon bush fire to covid-19 out break. From Kobe Byrant to the Khan and Kapoor and sushant. 

We bow down to you. Our superheroes in  white and khaaki are getting tried with every new sunrise. Understand that we need you to raise a white flag and call this off. You may not know but for us,


Grief is a heavy word. And grieving is a heavier process. Lamenting the loss of a loved one is one thing, but lamenting the losses of loved ones is another. All of us hate all of you, 2020. We don’t want you. With blinded eyes, we are ready to play 2019 on loop just so we won’t have to face one of you.
No matter for how many hours,
FaceTimes and con calls can never compensate for meeting friends and family in person. The travellers are feeling suffocated. The nature enthusiasts are falling short of breath. The best of friendship are suffering and the forever kind of relationships are breaking. Your actions have to put a pause to the happiness of Hunan race. For how long are you planning to continue doing that ? Double the time gone, is left. Kneeling down, we ask you to get a grip. With eyes closed and hands held in prayers, we hope for you to get a little easier. Raise the white flag. Call this off, 2020…✍🏼

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