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There are thousands of writers who don’t have a FREE platform to write a blog and reach the target audience.  So they try to use social media and grow there, but they often don’t get expected results. So Team Wrogler thought creating a common platform for all of these writers, who have a passion to INSPIRE and ENTERTAIN – the ultimate thing that connects people. Apart from it, we thought that all writers work very hard to write content, and taking partial credit for their extremely hard work, seemed unethical to us, so we thought that the whole credit should be given 100% to the writer. Our goal is to bring 500 writers on board within the next 2 years and at the pace at which wrogler is growing, we don’t see any nuance in it. In just a year, our website crossed 12000+ views and writers are happy with our 24×7 support team.

We truly extend our gratitude to our creators for continuously believing in us that we have enhanced their careers by getting their content to reach great audiences. We believe every writer is unique in his/her way. This initiative is just to bring innovation and high-quality content from each and every passionate creator.

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Our Mission

We are constantly trying to create an impact in the society. Our mission is to unlock the hidden potential of writers by providing them with the correct platform to make their content reach people, with no hidden cost.

Our Vision

Our vision is to encourage each and every aspiring writer, who has an unearthed potential of inspiring writings, and the one, who can set the stage on fire.


Write anything your mind has came across, anything you have felt, both happy & sad moments, let the world read and relate what you have.

Our Writers & Readers

We believe that our writers and readers are our family. We will not let themselves down cause that’s what family do. Be a part of our family. Write your content and mail it us to content@wrogler.com.