By Harshil Oza

An Incidental Singer

I am an accidental singer to begin with. My journey started after completing my high school which was back in 2017. I guess like every children, I also had bunch of unclear dreams which kept on changing with me growing up. One fine day I was just humming the song and going on with the rhythm of that song but my sister felt it melodious and she requested me to sing that song for her and I was taken aback as I didn’t knew the lyrics but however I just sang a piece of the song after referring to the lyrics and that song was “Mere Nishan’ by Darshan Raval. Apart from that my friends also encouraged me to start singing and that moment just ignited a desire in me to start my journey of singing and I gained confidence. As my Grandfather was himself a musician so I did not find much difficulty but indeed I had to take vocal training to polish my skills.
 Then, one fine day I was inspired by the way musicians compose songs and write the lyrics. This fascinated me too write and compose music. My biggest inspiration in music is Atif Aslam and ‘Aadat’ being my favourite song. I started with doing cover songs and putting it on Instagram and I got love and support from people so from that moment I thought to make my own songs. As they say ‘Nothing worth, comes easy’, thus it demanded lots of hours of my hard work, persistence and some financial cost it took me over five quarters to finally learn and publish my first song. I got so much appreciation from people for my first song but that was just the start as I have seen many artist creating just one song and leaving it as it is unlike them, I want to be consistent apart from it. I have friends from the music fraternity who just completes me and my band . They have always supported me and for that I considered myself lucky. One message or one thing which I learned from my journey was it is okay if you have not figured our or you do not know what to do in life. Everyone has their own time just focus on life grab every opportunity and always be hungry to do better every time. Just do not stop!!!!

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