By Nishra Shah

Be A Fighter Always

From last few days, the world has been continuously talking about metal health and mental illness. Many of us are saying to others that “open up”, “we are here to hear you”. Seriously? If the person suffering is in front of you and saying all these, then obviously, he/she can deal with illness too… As a human being it’s our responsibility to take care of our closed ones and to notice every small change in them. “A FRIEND IN NEED IS A FRIEND INDEED”.

But wait. Before all this, why people are feeling mentally low? From my life experiences, reasons are more expectations, resistant to change, sensitive nature, breaking of relations and many more. As soon as the problem in any one of these matters occurs, the mental health of a person starts getting affected.

So, here is short story of my best friend, you must read.

A year ago, she was 20, happy with her family and friends. The group of her friends was around 20-30 people. They were her life. Suddenly one day, she felt that the group was having many differences with her, the same group, which once, she loved to share everything and hangout with. At that moment, she realized that there was no one from that group who was on her side. As usual fights, financial blames, character blames, and I guess many more things she suffered from. She started having anxiety attacks, panic attacks and even claustrophobia. But the one thing, she never thought of, was committing suicide or harming herself! I always used to ask her that why is she so positive and the mirror always replied -“Because you stand strong alone for yourself”.

Today, when I see her happy, dancing, smiling, laughing and taking care of herself, I can say a person with dreams, goals, hope and faith, never loses. It’s just that the conditions then, were not favorable for her. Tough times are in everyone’s life, that doesn’t mean ending a life is an solution.


A girl in my story can be happy after all this stuff, while we people have many other things to keep ourselves motivated, rather than getting depressed. Any situation can have two consequences “GREAT LESSON” or “GREAT MEMORY”. Absorb it according to situation. No situation is going to last forever. Forget it without having regrets. Just forgive.

So, live for yourself, and if the situations are so worse, live for your parents, who gave birth to you with a million dreams.


“वक्त ही तो है, गुजर जाएगा”

(It’s only time and it will pass. )

23 thoughts on “BE A FIGHTER ALWAYS.”

  1. Very true writing and very brave girl she is about whom you talked here. I definitely say that she has so much positivity and very good inner strength.

  2. Bhavya sanghavi

    Loved it nishu
    It’s like I don’t want to stop reading
    I want to read more and more
    And this is the story of every single person have once passed this stage.
    And it’s important to be brave at time and have faith in yourself.
    Stay strong
    Love yourself
    Be happy

  3. “Amazing write-up! ” Nishu,
    Although more Appreciating Blog, Positive Vibes, Interesting Stuff to read.
    Thanks for Sharing such a effective blog with us, Keep it Up✌️💯

  4. One thing that I have learned from this blog is that life is very sensitive don’t put it in trouble for any individual person or circumstances.
    Excellent blog nishra.. 💯

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