By Bansari patel To the guy I could (n’t) get over, Everytime I sought love, I ended up with bad choices. I terribly made

Career VS Passion

By Miraj shah Career Vs Passion Passion – What exactly is passion? When do we feel passionate? Is it while we do our day

Anonymous Girls Of Modern Generation How the Current Generation of Girl is Overcoming the Traditional Constraints and becoming Successful Girls face certain gender-bias barriers

Penned By Anonymous I was tagged arrogant on whatsapp There are important people in our life. Each of them has their separate space, importance

By nirav parmar Growing Up Ain’t Easy “The absence of problems and sufferings is not happiness. Refusing to be defeated, being able to endure

By Anjali Patel Can women be vocal about their opinions? According to Emily Taft Douglas, “If women understood and exercised their power, they couldremake


By Shreya Patel Love Is Love 72 jurisdiction criminalize consensual same-sex sexual activities. 44 jurisdiction criminalize consensual activities between women. 11 jurisdiction in which

By Dishant Belani Failure which gave me a reason to live It’s a well known saying that “everything happens for good in life”. My

By Bansari Patel You Will Be Appreciated 2020 !! We welcomed you with hopes ,aspirations and dreams. New resolutions were made, and Goals were

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