Boomerang heart

I wasn’t in love anymore;
I wasn’t waiting at coffee shop anymore;
I wasn’t blaming anymore;
Now I knew how it felt to be in love a lot more

It felt like staring out of the window with the perfect view of sunset and also dawn. It took me some time to sink deep in this transition.

I recall the day when it all started, the short glances trying to hold the gaze longer as if it had a story to tell. A smile that would convey more than words did. A silence that was comforting and not awkward. A getaway from all life problems just by being in his embrace. That first yes, that first date , that first kiss, that first love and that ‘US’. Life was puzzle and I had all the pieces in place-it was complete. Then that transition hit, leaving all the pieces scattered. I tried to gather those pieces but something that was holding it staunchly went missing. A change in feelings, different priorities and new personalities. I was so convinced by that idea of ‘US’ I kept trying different arrangements in a hope of making us complete again. Until he was gone and I was left shallow with that first heartbreak.

‘US’ was now me and ‘ME’ was lost.
It all seemed so unfair and aching to lose faith in oneself. A series of ifs and buts that kept reminiscing memories.
I am sitting on a corner window seat in that same coffee shop from our first date. I have grown stronger with my realisations and have found my ways to be friend transitions. Witt beaming eyes, big smile and heart on my sleeves- I kept staring out of the window because I may not be in love anymore but I keep looking for love a lot more.

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