Call For a Change

Hey you, Yes you! Who are you?
Who are you to decide that this is right?
Laws of nature draws as relations,
Feeling and emotions, keep it in consideration.

Call for a Change, for Who I am.
I am a human, not some caste creed or religion.
I only follow the path that humanity has taught.
Who are you to tell me? That I don’t love my country. You should better stop.

Call for a Change, for What I am.
My gender doesn’t matter as long as your mind is gutter.
Take your time, know me well, come to me if you don’t understand.
I am a life same as you, my gender my sexuality is no matter of shoo.

Call for a Change, for Whom I love.
Human loves human, love doesn’t see religion caste.
But the so-called society you say will make us pay.
For listening to our heart and mind, they have our roots confined.
I can love and marry any gender, love is natural not your entertainment calendar.

Call for a Change, for What I want.
People obey the rules made by society, so why doesn’t society have any educational rules?
Rules to have independence for everyone, to love anyone.
Why society doesn’t allow me to become what I want.
They judge me for my every move, why should I take your permission? For what I do.
Make rules which help to grow forward, not to make oneself a coward.

Call for a Change, for What I need.
We need a loving environment, a peaceful and respectful government.
Our votes are not for your wealth, our whole system needs some health.
For a better future, we need better education.
Every literate makes our country stronger with better adaptation.

Hey you, Yes you, who are you?
Who are you to decide, this is right?
Call for a Change, let’s pledge to make this land.
A wonderful garden with a Star Garland.

- By Thoe Racer

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