By Bansari Patel

Live everyday as if it is your last

There is so much going on around us that most of us are just lost. This new age of social media has made us slaves of excessive randomness. We see too much. We hear too much. But most of it does not make any sense. We just keep going with the flow. You hold your mobile and just keep scrolling for hours. You started at something and now you are at something else. And if tomorrow I ask what you did yesterday, then you won’t have anything you would just say I don’t know I was just surfing internet. I am not saying that always study or work. But seriously? You got to have some focus in life. You got to know what you want to do, what you want to experience, what your goals are, and how you are going to get there. You stay online all the time, and then you consume so much random stuff that messes up with your brain and peace.



The internet is full of toxic people. There are trolls who love to make you feel terrible and worthless. The influencers are so plastic that all they want is to make you a copy of their perfect human model. The pretty pictures with a perfect face, perfect body and perfect clothes make you feel insecure for no reason. The “my daddy got money” cool people show off their fancy labels, and you suddenly feel worthless and poor. This is what you consume the whole day. You dive into pool of goldenshit that makes you feel worthless about your experience. You are not doing what you should be doing for your goals, your dreams. How is this not a slow poison for your peace? You are creating your own hell.

My advice? Cut down on your time on randomness. Don’t debate in comments online. Delete, unfollow, or block people who makes you feel worthless. Enjoy, have fun, spend time on reading, watching, and do everything that you want to do. But make it focused. Consume the content that you want to become or reflected by. Even random memes are great. But, choose them. And put a clock on everything you do. You have limited time on earth. Don’t run around like a headless chicken. Think, realise, focus and live…✍🏼


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