Living in the dark,
Turning my heart all black

No feeling of love!
Seems I’m on a wrong track.

I got no friends beside,
When I’m under attack.

And that’s what wrecked my heart,
Turning me so wrack.

Some joy and happy moments?
But that’s what I lack.

Thought I was a star,
Now..I really need to introspect.

My eyes dried up and turned all red
Closed my eyes!!Watching my future…so dark ahead!!

Anxiety and Depression always knocking on my head,
And that’s what my writings always spread.

Please dont care about me!! Even if I’m on my death bed,
Cause I feel so alive whenever I think to be dead.

My eyes are red my heart is black and my soul is dead
Dont be so close to me!! Cuz I’m confused of being
Calm or dread!!

- By Karmaraj Sinh

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