By Bansari Patel

Dear 2020

You came to us as an usual year. We rejoiced, celebrated, and welcomed you as we have done every year in the past. Talking about myself I am a person who loves every beginning, I had list of wishes to be fulfilled. A list of works to be done. The number 2020 sounds like something different from other years. I wanted to make you memorable but unfortunately, you never wanted anyone to make memorable rather, the circumstances you brought made you rememberable itself. Yes, my dear 2020 you will remembered. Not as a year but as a period of transition. You brought crisis in every sphere. But we are humans, we will fight, we will survive, our determination and will power is our right.
Soon you will fade away, you have affected everyone’s story but soon you will exist only in the pages of history. You made us challenger , a fighter , a survivor, the one who survived 2020 will somehow win life’s utmost misery.
As a human, I am proud of the way we responded to the threat caused by you.
The economic shutdown brought crisis, we suffered, we fell, and then rose from the undoing.
Sometimes I think you came to mess with humans, to challenge humans, and of course to strengthen humans. My dear 2020, I would like to end here paying a state of gratitude to you, thank you for teaching us that not every year is going to be same, thank you for giving us reasons to remember you. Soon ew will bid a farewell to you, hopping to see you in pages of the future. Smile and tears both will come simultaneously while remembering 2020.

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