Do You know?

Do You Know?

Why I love these free birds flying high?

Why I love rain more than the rainbow?

Why I enjoy sighting the sunset more than the sunrise?


Have you ever thought why the roots of the trees holds the soil so tightly?

Have you ever thought of the feeling of the clear sky after the thunderstorm?

Have you ever thought why I demand you so much?

Have you ever thought what I gave you?

Apart from all these Do you know what I want?


Do you know why the universe conspires us to meet again and again?

Do you ever thought why I cry so much?

Do you know apart from you who is important for me?

Do you know a rose is much better gift than those diamond jewellery?

Do you know I want you not your achievements?


Do you know I am a baby in a matured woman?

Do you know what makes me smile?

Do you know how i feel when you give importance to others than me?


All I know is you are the world.

Let us conquer this and spread our wings to love.


If you think you are complete without me than,

You don’t know who I was, who I am.

-By Pompi Kalita

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