Just like the distance between us.
You’re high on a substance
And I’m high on the thought of you holding me close,
But in the end we both know they’re just
Of happiness.

You drift farther away
Up on your cloud,
Into your mind
And I worry.
What if one day you float away and never return?
Or worse,
What if while you’re floating you find something worth staying for
And you realize that life down here
Isn’t worth drifting back to?

I already know I’m not enough.
It just hurts when you remind me.

I sent you a box of my words with the hope that you’d finally feel the love
I keep telling you about.
I want you to feel the truth when I tell you you’re worthy
Of walking the earth.
Worthy of love.

But there you go again,
And each time you release
More and more
Of the tether you tied to the ground.

Your mind is expanding, yes
But sooner or later you’ll run out of room
And you’ll have to let go of something
Or push someone out.

- By Cloaked Poet

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