By Nishra Shah


This word “FRIENDSHIP”, not only in my life but in everyone’s life carries a great importance. Because without them life is completely incomplete. A human being is a social animal, obviously they have to keep a connection with other human beings but some are just not connections, they are life without them one can’t live. Basically, FRIENDSHIP for me is…………………… “MY CHOSEN FAMILY”. Okay many people asked why chosen family? Because I choose these duffers so called best people for my life and they have no right to go. How can be a stranger becomes a good friend…., best friend…., than a family member???? I don’t know which bond works there….but its guaranteed some bond works even in this era we can’t trust any stranger but some force of them take you towards them and than you become friends. Did anyone know where it starts??? Basically no one knows. But one can say as you feel happy, joyful, loved and even cared, you never knew you both were becoming good friends or I guess best friends. LOVE? Is it a friendship word? Or is it a relationship or marriage word? LOVE exist even in friendship…
Even I wasn’t believing it but some best people came in my life and I started believing that love exist in friendship too… Anyone knows where it ends? Oh guys please it’s not a relationship that will be ending it’s a friendship. It always come with tag “NEVER ENDING”. Even there are problems, even there is a hard time , even the duffers are not talking ,It always come with “NEVER ENDING”. Starting of every small relation is friendship. It is best feeling to have friends with whom we can share everything, we can be real, we can chill with …who are family. Even looking at all your negative sides a friend stills love you. Even after a huge fight a friend still cares for you. Even after being so far, they are so close to you.

7 thoughts on “F.R.I.E.N.D.S.H.I.P”

  1. Look like you have poured your heart out here nishra and its really a symphony to the eyes to read and soothing to the word “FRIENDSHIP “ i guess it perfectly wonderful work by ya ♥️??

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