By Dishant Belani

Failure which gave me a reason to live

It’s a well known saying that “everything happens for good in life”. My experience is an evidence for it.
I started pursuing Law as my career, but don’t know why I choose that , I guess my brother was doing Law that’s why I did. Still I didn’t get the answer yet. Two months I studied law with excitement and boosting energy and so i was among the top 3 rankers of my class.
Semester 1 got accompanished successfully . Then, I was totally frustrated because i was confined to a particular way of life style which i didnt like. I have heard that life is limitless but for me it was a cucoon and felt like I was trapped. Suddenly a speck of changing my life was seen when me and one of my mate decided one evening( the date which i still remembered ,14th October 2017) to tell our parents to discontinue the current degree . He was also having same dilema . I convinced my parents for that , but there was a big question mark that what to do now. I was confused which field to choose. Afterwards my brother-in-law advised me to do course of company secretary which I agreed upon but again the same I don’t know why. But at the end of the day I have to hold my hands back. Everyone was tersing me. Even my own closed one’s were against me. But my parents were supportive, perhaps the greates tangible asset and their intagaible love and affection they had towards me. They were always having a positive stake in whatever decision I take in my life. Finally, I decided to figure the root cause of my fickle mindedness. I got the answer. I have high dreams but was lazy to work for it. I used to listen motivational speeches but didn’t took any action. I was completely in the fantasies of life. I was money oriented. I just aimed to earn more money. Unlike present I don’t know that money is not the ultimate goal of life, it’s self – satisfaction.
“The biggest advise is don’t take advise. ” The most important quality which a man should possess is clarity of their goal and it is only possible when you are firm on your decision. I was not trusting my self . I used to take lots of advise from everyone and end up getting muddled.
Finally after thinking a lot I got to know that my dream is to do business in food industry. Then I started preparing to crack entrance exams of top tier colleges of india to get admission in business administration course . In that biggest challenge was math, in which my concepts were unclear even the basics. I joined a coaching institute where all intelligent mind came and I was dumbest among all as far as grasping higher mathematics is concern. But this has poured an trait of hardwork into me. I realised, I was wrong in just dreaming ,i have to work hard. But by the time when it was a month left for exams and mock test began ,I was not able to carve a niche out of it. I misreably failed in that exam. I wasted 51k. I didn’t got call from any top colleges. Everyone started comparing me telling me that you are of a no use. Your future is blunt.
I had a different perception . Although I failed it has taught me many thing in which I was lacking. I got a purpose of my life and I have learned to remain firm on my goal . It is difficult to achieve but as it’s said “you will have thousands of reason for not doing the things , but only one reason to do it.” . That reason will help you to succeed in life.
Now what happened after this ??
To Be Continued In Part 2.