Feel the love

People asked me how for you feel when you are in love.
It’s just unexplainable.
It’s the most beautiful feeling ever. Complete euphoria and bliss.
You feel your heart doing back flips and Somersaults when that person stares at you. 
You feel the pulse and heartbeat increasing rapidly when they talk sweet things to you.
Your knees start feeling weak and droopy when they touch you. 
And let’s just not talk about fires igniting in the pit if your stomach. The best part of being with that person? You don’t have  to make a different version of your self. You can be your own real person without any apprehensiveness of them judging you. It’s amazing. And scary. You feel afraid to let some one have such a dynamic control over your soul. You feel insecure at times. You feel frightened. What if they don’t accept you? What if you try to fall for them but they don’t catch you? So many doubts. So many insecurities. So many feelings in one emotion. But then you realize that you won’t be able to get answer to any ‘what ifs’ unless and until you take a leap. Until you take the risk and dive in. You yourself will be surprised by the results. Remember, only when you sink deep into the ocean, you can see the beautiful and exotic flora residing beneath it. So, just have courage and DO IT. It’s not bad to fall in love. It’s not even stupid to feel self-conscious or passive about the idea of love. But it can be your biggest regret if you lost the most amazing emotion you’ve ever felt and don’t fight for it!

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