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I was tagged arrogant on whatsapp

There are important people in our life.

Each of them has their separate space, importance in our lives! The one which we cannot divide, the one on which time has only one effect i.e. amplification.

But may be sometimes when our routines and our schedules not allow us to get along with them rather giving importance to some other job or the person, we kind of get away from that job or person. It does not mean that they are not important to you! Now during these times, the first thing that I believe we should do is to convince ourselves that all these was not intended. I do not know how it helps but maybe it would remove a bit of the negative vibes in us so that we can get things better! It is just that sometimes we prioritize the things or the people we fear losing. We believe that others are with us forever but now in such situation there are 3 things we can do, Firstly and also which is the easiest one though the most painful is that we distance the person or the job from ourselves, now there is a reason why they are important to us! So parting ourselves from them would never keep our inner selves happy. Secondly, do not overreact to the situation. Even this is unjustified, also it will not lead us anywhere, instead will keep our minds occupied with a tornado of thoughts which would keep you haunting in every single moment. Third and probably the last one, the one that I believe is the correct one is to pay justice to the thoughts rather than paying attention to people’s opinion, not explaining them about everything because that wouldn’t be an always thing, but if we make them realize their importance in our lives once more it would probably be a forever thing. That might result it into us convincing every time to people. Now during all these, for every single breath you take keep yourself with you, if not anything it will bring your dear ones near to you.

Talking about me I am studying medicine ,whole day involved in studies and internship there is some time left which I spend it with my family and sometimes it’s tough for me to spare time to talk with my friends. I am being judged on basis of how I am shaping myself. People are like ‘I am arrogant’ and your attitude is like ‘I don’t care about anyone’ or recently I have been given a tag which everyone gives to their one old friend as ‘s(he) is changed’. But there was this guy who always encouraged me and said just be yourself. It’s okay if they judge you, it’s okay if they criticize you, it’s okay if they call you ‘changed’ but it’s not okay to feel insecure or anxious because of someone’s opinion. You can always be happy alone, you can always hangout with yourself or you can always buy yourself a drink.

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