By Bansari Patel


First of all let me tell you, you’re beautiful! People would judge you, call your names, bar you from the gathering, Mark you as the unsocial chimp and yet won’t stop until they’ve sucked the lives out of you but you shouldn’t give up. Let aside shouldn’t , damn, you won’t give up.
Trust me, it’s totally okay to worship silence, to contemplate, to embrace your company and to provide for yourself. If you don’t want to talk, you don’t want to socialise, you don’t have to socialise. But never forget to pitch your voice where it matters the most. I know it’s scary, people out there, are so intimidating but you’ve got to fight. You’ve got to break free from your shackles to shyness and show them what you actually are when time wants, you’ve got to save yourself. Half the time you must be anxious, fighting with your thoughts, your emotions, your identity and would end up getting depressed. And sometimes, you’d hit the lowest of your low for no good reason. Your heart would be burning, all your scars would freshen up into wounds of desolation and your mind would sting so bad that you’d want to bang your head to anything nearby! You would end up crying the whole day long until your eyes would drain every last drop of fluid your head had and you’d faint to sleep.
It’s okay! I know people won’t get you. Let them not get you, it would be their loss. Don’t be afraid to cry. How your heart out, let go your unworthy emotions, it’s your way of healing. But you know that you will have to get rid of these hallucinations which never showed slightest of mercy upon your cringing body. Do whatever pleases you at the moment. Write it out , sing it out, dance it out, damn, if you don’t to anything, just go to terrace and shout it out. Shout, howl, swear as much as you can. Get that junk out of your body and let the healing begin.
Never underestimate yourself! You are who you were meant to be and never forget that you’re beautiful…✍🏼

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