Is Bandwagon effect is good for an Individual?

So what is bandwagon effect?

The bandwagon effect is a consequent bias that causes people to think and act a certain way if they believe that others are doing the same. For example, the bandwagon effect can cause someone to adopt a certain political opinion, because they see that other people in their social circle have adopted the same ideology. We often called it has “Herd Mentality”.

Why people experience the bandwagon effect?
One such cause is social influence, which represents the mind-set to conform with others out of a desire to fit in with the crowd and gain approval from others. People experience the bandwagon effect for various reasons, such as, when one wants to conform to others in order to gain their approval, because he believes that relying on the opinion of others is beneficial, or because he is motivated by additional mechanisms, such as the fear of missing out.

Let me give you an example: In engineering nowadays people have tendency to go in foreign countries and pursue the MS degree. 50% of my class is probably go to abroad for MS degree, to make themselves good & gain respect from the society. This affects the other 50%. Though the latter ones don’t want to go abroad, but because of fear of missing out or wanting to fit into the crowd, they will also possess the thought of going abroad.
Another example is when in your group there is a talk about XYZ hotel which is popular and costly, you will also tell that you have also visited that hotel because of the fear of being missing out or being judged by your friends.

Examples of the bandwagon effect.
One example of the bandwagon effect is that when you see your friend is having iPhone you always ask your parents to buy you iPhone .You or someone you know has likely experienced a situation where there’s one person in a group without an iPhone, and eventually, that person ends up getting one to fit in or for status. Another example of the bandwagon effect is that when people see that others are pumping money into the stock market, they become likely to invest too, which can lead to speculative bubbles and market crashes.

  • The bandwagon effect can influence people’s political choices.
    -If some person is taking side of particular government may be he/she is taking decision on the basis of certain scenario. It’s not necessary to have the same opinion
  • The bandwagon effect can influence consumers’ decisions regarding which “brand” products to buy.
    -Suppose two three friends of your buys same brand products, you think that this brand is more popular so let me buy from this without seeing that is that brand product is comfortable or not.
  •  The bandwagon effect can influence organizations’ implementation of new technologies.
  •  The bandwagon effect can influence individual’s choices what to study or not.
    -Suppose your friends in a group are doing their graduation in Computer field because of their interest or scope, you tend to do that only whether you are liking that field or not. It’s because you don’t want yourselves to be judged.
  • The bandwagon effect can influence individual’s choices what to have as a career option.
    -Suppose your friends is pursuing some higher educational degree after college sometimes you also tend to pursue the educational degree whether you want to go ahead in educational field or arts or anything else .It’s because if you don’t want people to judge you like “See this guy studied Computer Degree and now is doing performing arts”. You are afraid of that

Every individual should have their own opinions or their ideas or decision. Because decisions or opinion taken by others may or may not be beneficial to you .Because it’s ultimately you who want to grow. Avoid copying other people and taking shortcuts. Instead, take your time to research a topic, and understand whether or not it’ll be good for you. Be willing to stand out from the crowd. To be successful, you may have to go against the social norm and stand out as an individual.

“Being different in this ordinary world is the key to success”

– Parshwa Sheth

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