By Foram dhruv

Is Our Generation Overwhelmed With Too Much Knolwedge?

The times of our parents: 

The other day, I was showing my mother The Northern Lights in Nordic countries. I was surprised that how she didn’t know about it at all. Then a thought struck my head – No wonder there are so many “wanderlust” people in our generation. In her times, there were only limited sources to acquire profound information about everything. For instance, they might have to bury deep into books or any other substitute for information available at that time, to know about the countries, the culture, the medicines, the diseases, the everything. Also, main drawback about the same was that the information was unfiltered, you may end up knowing 1000% more than what you actually wanted to know. Not that this much knowledge is wrong, but its just that you might end up investing 1000% more time. So, it was too impractical to know a summary of everything they want to know without investing a huge amount of time and efforts.

The “NOW” scenario:

There’s no such thing that we can’t know about, nowadays. We are just one click away to know the world. We can now even virtually travel the world with amazing apps like Google Earth. We can see each and every country’s photos and learn about their culture just out of curiosity and not because we are interested to conquer the knowledge of each and every country on Earth. But with information comes misinformation too. There are always drawbacks of every technology created. You can now pretty much know when you’re going to die via Google or if not know the exact time, you may end up getting anxious about how you’re going to die. I know, I know exaggeration went too far, but isn’t it makes sense that knowing all these things has made us familiar with the consequences of any action we do. And familiarity with the consequences may lead to overthinking before any act of ours, and in turn this overthinking converts its form to fear, misery and insecurity; which may lead to anxiety and depression.

Existential Crisis:

This knowledge has brainwashed our minds. The possibility of doing anything you want, the possibility of knowing everything, the possibility of being the Jack of all trades and other such possibilities has left us so insecure, that we even end up questioning our existence. We think that we don’t have any talents or we don’t have enough confidence to endorse our talent or we presume things to turn out pretty bad and, give up. For a second a whole bunch of negatives turns your mind a Topsy Turvy Land. 

(SIGHS) Now, what to do? 

1.      The solution to this is a little denial to the negatives. Be in denial of the consequences you might face. Start with a clean slate, clean mind. Don’t corrupt your mind with the negative in the world. The human race has moved on living in denial to everything. Would it be too hard to live in denial on personal level for our own good?

2.      Focus on the positives. Consume positive content online. Don’t be too much curious about the things that don’t matter to you, the things which you know will not benefit you in any way. Have an approach for positive research. I’m sure there are way more good things than the bad things that are affecting you.

Practice to filter your brain to accept beneficial knowledge. That way it won’t overwhelm you. Not everyone has a fate to travel the world even though everyone dreams to be “wanderlust”. And trust me you’ll get travel sick! There ain’t anything worse than that!

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