By Sahi

Love - More Than Just A Four Letter World

A four letter word called love has the deepest meaning. Its easy to say
that we love but its difficult to Express. Love is when you accept the
person for all their flaws instead of making them feel bad for their
flaws. Love can happen in numerous ways. No one can predict when and
how will love, can happen. Every love has its own uniqueness. It is not
necessary that love can happen only be with soulmates or say partners.
Love can be happen with any person,animal or thing. To be loved is a
special feeling. Loving your own self is really a good thing as that will
prevent you from getting into depression,anxiety or any such thing. Many
of us say- love is a feeling but probably its more a decision we make
than a feeling. Unlike all the feelings love never comes and go , it
stays with you in every part of your life. Love is complex. Love is a
set of your emotions , behaviour and feelings. There are both sides of
love positive and negative. In many of us love has changed our lives or
it has destroyed their lives. Love is a feeling which is inseparable
from us. All of us know to say love but very rare show it. Rather saying
love you all the time show your love by doing tiny things for your loved
ones. In today’s world we are more towards social life , show your love
by meeting your loved ones and spending time with them rather talking
them by way of social media. The main thing one should have in love is
equanimity. Love your loved ones ,make them happy and feel loved by your
gestures not sayings!

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