By Harsh Nayyar


L.O.V.E..This is the most used word in the whole world like I love her, I love him, I love that thing but only a few of them actually know what love really means or I must say none of them really knows what love means. In today’s modern world people are confusing their lust with their love, of course I am also from this world but i have been taught a lesson of true love from my past .

To express LOVE there’s no need of gifting things, to express it there’s no need of kisses, hugs, etc. To express it you just have to be honest with your partner. The inner love of heart needs just care, trust, and a little bit of each other’s time. When both of you fight over a thing and stops messaging each other for a long time at that moment don’t think about the wrong things they have done just think about the reason why do you love that person just think about all the special things of your partner and that positive thought will led you to message your partner and believe me this thing will work forever. I have been in the situation of having ego after fights and I lost the person forever so don’t repeat the same mistake guys if you know, you know💓



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