By Bansari Patel

Live everyday as if it is your last

When I first fell in love, I had this pure, idealistic idea about love. I wanted to be with that person forever. Only cheaters leave their lovers. If you love someone, you will burn the whole world to be with that person. And as it turned out, first love taught me what love really looks like. So I have evolved beyond that forever. There is no forever here. You can die any moment, and so can the other one. So where is that guarantee ? And if there is no guarantee, why are we seeking it in a relationship ? Life is uncertain. Relationships are fickle. Sometimes, it’s no one’s fault. So why focus every thing on that forever? Why can’t we focus on what we have right now, this moment? I think that’s where you learn to love when you start to celebrate each moment of that love story.


You don’t sit on your lazy ass that I have this human for the rest of the life. So I have all the times in the world to write, say , and do those things. No, you will soon settle down as two classmates , two friends lining together with no romance, no spark at all.
We don’t value the moment that we have. We don’t put the passion into it. We don’t give it out all. We keep saving it for the longer duration that the love will last for sure. Live everyday as if it is your last, they say . And I say love like that as well. Make every kiss count. Make every hug feel like a final hug at airport. Hold hands as if you are never going to feel the warmth again. Look into those eyes as if you will never fill your eyes with that person again. Make love as if this is your last night together. You have to be a little crazy in love.

of course I am not talking about settling down with someone. I am taking about running wild with a person whom u love. I m not talking about the normal love story . I m talking about a mad love story of two mad people. Even if it lasts just for a day , a month , or a year. So I know it won’t make sense to most of you. Most of you would never feel the magic. You will always live a practical life. and how sad is that?

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