Love - A Drug

Love is a drug….. it’s very common phrase. Through love isn’t a scientifically proven drug but the effects it has on the brain is the same as any drug. Drugs make your brain secrete happy hormones and you feel the high. You become addicted to it because your body craves continuous release of those hormones.

Same is the case with love. There is a world of hope for both of us, where I do not have to pretend that I m not in love with you and where you love me back just the same, that world is more beautiful because there I get to hold your hand without thinking if you would read between the gestures because in that world, you play with my hair while I trace the path of our dreams on your hands and together, we weave a life that has us in it, every time I see you walking down the library with your eyebrows knit together you look for your new book of the week, I imagine us bantering over our favorite foods items and how we fell in love with the words and everything that is art but it happens in that another world where you and I exist at the same time the galaxy shine a little too bright when your eyes meet with mine, there is a world of hope for both of us, where I drift off to every night and store memories that we make and breathe life into it every time you look at me and smile from afar.


The truth is once u fall in love with a person you never give up on loving then. Maybe your love never finds the courage to be expressed, maybe it was expressed but never reciprocated or maybe it was reciprocated and still didn’t make through. Or all of above at different times. So your love stays, right there in your heart, never giving up. Some days you cry until ur ribs shake like tectonic plates saying it’s okay. Other days, you convince yourself that you deserve better. Years pass and time builds a fortress around that chunk of your heart. Love ferments into sour disdain while butterflies down in a reluctant resentment. Love is nothing but a chemical reaction. It simply involves four hormones that are called happy hormones. Don’t worry, I won’t go into the detailed explanation about the science of love it’s just that being with someone you love, triggers your brain to release those happy hormones.

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