Magic happens the moment you start believing!

Magic isn’t what you see, magic is what you believe to be true. My belief system may not necessarily be the same as yours. I could hold my belief in a lifeless stone, where as you could hold your belief in a person or a thought. What is common between you and me is the abstract power and strength of the belief that we hold. I could be the most spiritual and religious person in this world but you could be an absolute atheist, it’ll be naive to say that I am merely superstitious or that you are adamant. We both are the same because I have held my belief with a very firm grip on that very lifeless stone and you have placed your belief in yourself or that person or thought. Both of us transmitted our energies in the universe the moment we started believing our own thoughts. We both began manifesting it the instant moment we thought about it. So chase your thoughts in the right direction and above all start believing the chosen direction and the steps that you take to reach your destination. 
Also, ‘I’ am in the process, getting there gradually         

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