By Deepa srinivasan

Magic Of Memories

“What are memories mom?” Naina asked her mom with a very innocent smile on her face. She thought that her mom has the solution to every problem in this world.

“Memories are the collection of actions which you did in the past and will be the only source for you to smile and live again in the future!” her mom replied.

Naina did not understand what her mother said then but now when she opened her box full of happiness which has her drawings, medals, crafts, etc she realized the emotion of every word her mother said. She understood the real meaning of those words.

Naina’s mother passed away when she was 16 years old leaving her shattered. Her last words to Naina was, “The only thing you’ll have with you till your last breath is memories. Make as many as you can.”

Naina moved to Banglore, Karnataka to pursue her studies. Naina’s mother wanted her to become a doctor. So she took admission in the best university and was studying hard to fulfil her Mother’s dream.

One day when she was in a hurry, she tried to skip her breakfast and start for college. When she got into the bus, she remembers her memory with her mom. When Naina was getting late for school, her mother would feed her, so that she would not skip her breakfast. Naina felt a bit, but then she had a smile on her face. After all, she was a brave girl, just like her mom.

Naina had made a bunch of good friends at the college but still, she had to face the humiliation every other day. Her seniors and other classmates always tease her. Naina always overlooks their flaws and mistakes and always tried to talk to them softly. That evening when she got into a bus to reach home she remembers one of her memory. Her mom was humiliated regularly by her relatives. One day when Naina asked her mom, why wouldn’t she ever rebel?

Her mom answered that she has better things to do then to make them realize what they deserve. Karma has its way to teach people.

Remembering that Naina smiled and got down the bus.

All the memories with her mom flashed once infront of her while she was walking towards her room. She was the only child to her parents and her mother was her best friend. When the whole world rejected her for her disability to hear and speak, it was her mother who took care of her and gave assurance to her that she is no less than others. Infact she is the special and most lovable child of God. Naina burst out in tears. She felt all alone again. But she didn’t let her confidence go. It was her mother’s dream to see her as a doctor and her only motive in life was to become a doctor. She worked hard every single day to achieve her dream.

Fast forward to 10 years, Naina owned a hospital treating hundredths of patients every day. One day when she was sitting on her chair wearing the stethoscope and white apron, she felt very proud of what she had achieved. One of her memories flashed. When she was 11 years old she asked her mom the reason behind her strong desire to see Naina as a doctor.

Her mother replied, ” There is only one person who happily takes the blame of killing a stranger, who happily sacrifices his happiness and who is ready to put his life in danger to protect the life of a stranger, and he is doctor.”

Naina again had a wide smile on her face after all now she is a Doctor, a real-life superhero.

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  1. Javvaji Nikhil Kumar

    Truly thought provoking story! Well knitted in an amazingly simple way. Will surely leave the readers pondering about such a noble profession and helps people emphasize better about the need to respect the medical professionals in a scenario where we all have witnessed few disturbing news inflicted on them!! and few even trying to manhandle them!

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