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fairy tale, fantasy, dream

She couldn’t stay anymore strong Everywhere she gave more than she hadStill a bit of expectation from her side was wrongShe just wanted love

The Sufferer

I, The Sufferer The Sufferer of the SOCIETY The Sufferer of the LIFE I am the sufferer Sufferings that are BYGONE Sufferings that are


नारी तुम तलवार उठा लो, खूद को लक्ष्मी बाई बन लो, बहुत सेह लिया अत्त्याचार, इतना भी मत करो विचार, खुद को मजबूत करो

Not A TEEN Anymore

Thinking at the age of seven  When life was not less than heaven, About the games I wanted to play About the houses I

His life was merely getting dark, Just because he was not getting good marks. But he wanted to set his own benchmark, Just like

By Yashvi Shah A Little Help Was All I Wanted ! Tears rolled down the cheek and fell on the floor , With no one

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