By Bansari Patel


I am a wild soul that the world keeps trying to tame. But I resist, I rebel , I break out. And that’s why I have this image of being rude and arrogant. But for me, I m not rude at all, I am just honest. I am just real. And in these fake times, people are scared of real souls. If you say what you really mean, you are considered too rude, people just want to live in their pretty social media fake land where everything is prefect, the pictures, the caption, the background music, and the comments.
It started as an escape from reality. So now anything with its flaws is just not acceptable. And I am a person with a million flaws . I won’t fit into their perfect world. And I don’t see these people as perfect too, so I tell them that, on their face. I don’t care about losing them. And that’s what scares them. This wild attitude of not giving a damn. But I am happy that I am out of their circus. I was never meant to be una cool group. I was meant to roam alone in the jungle with swag and a roar. You can train a dog. But a lion stays lion. My soul stays wild.

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