By Bansari Patel

Netflix Aur Hum

Life before you was indigenous. But from the moment you came into my life, I became a part of the whole world. You know they say that life is more about experiencing and observing the sententious occasions and you were the one to give me some such experiences.
After being acquainted with the wide range of genres of movies and other works that you store in for us. I was stupefied. I started watching them one by one. With this I got a taste and I started loving them, observing them and experiencing them. Sometimes they took a part of me away with them in their world and others made a room for themselves in my world. Watching movies or other such works that hits differently with its uniqueness and eccentricity soothes me.
With all this, you became my best partner during the whole era of quarantine. You became my favourite escape from the everyday grey of my quarantine life. I don’t know if at all I have doremon or not but you surely have become my “anywhere door” that literally takes me touring every part of the world. Inspite of being locked up in my home I met many distinct personalities and saw many places. These past months have been a life in real wonder…✍🏼

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