sunset, tree, silhouette
Old is gold, old is gold,
But their story often remains untold.
What times it used to be,
When their life was so care free.
But now, they are a caged bird, lost in themselves in this entire world.
They are thrown into old age homes,
When they crave to see magnificent forts and tombs.
Why do we just use and throw,
Is this the path they taught us to go?
No, no,
You can’t just simply let them go!
Just like a chocolate they are,
With the easy melting and blissful hearts.
So why to disvalue the ones,
Who shielded you from everyone.
And were a guiding nest,
Seeking to save you from everyone rest. 
Lets value old people  as a gem,
Don’t just use and then throw them.
Their bony skins and fragile face, 
Which have vanished their youth’s glace!
But they  cradled you once upon a time, 
When you just crawled and used to whine.
They were the ones who had sleepless nights,
Just to make your days wonderful  and bright! 
Respect, love and take care of them,
Because if you are a flower, then they are the stem.
They were the ones who held you upright, all through the day and night,
And prevented you from losing your way
Don’t just use and then throw them stray,
Love, care, and spend time with them,
And make them feel as precious as a gem.

- Arpita Khanna

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