By Prassani Modi


Pandemic COVID-19,
I am grateful to you for blessing me with this period of Self- Exploration!
It is truly said that,
“If you can’t go outside why not go inside”.
•You made me realise to look at things with greater perception,
-Finding beauty in everything!
-How to praise things!
-How to be Grateful!
-Seeking Happiness in small things!
-Looking at things which are within our control!
-How to be more Calm!
-How to adjust and be flexible!
•You made me a person who is learning to utilize TIME wisely.
-As it is said a person who is good at Time – Management can do more productive things than others.
-And the one who achieve more success is the one who knows Time – Management.
•You made BOOKS my best friend.
-I never knew I could read these much and be able to apply these learnings in my life.
-It made me believe, one who read books can never be alone, it is the beauty of various characters which we also live keeping ourselves in that situation.
– It made me deeply obsessed with the magic of books.
•You made me admire NATURE on the daily basis
– Now, I am waking up with the blissful chirping of birds and have some beautiful time sitting on my Jhula (Indeed a place of solace for me) and feeling the freshness of the sunshiny mornings.
-My evenings are spent well listening to the hits of 80’s and 90’s and reading for a while in my gallery.
– I am able to admire moon and stars visiting my terrace and have a walk for a while.
-I am grateful, as this beauty of nature drives me crazy, though being at the same place from last 21 years, I never did these things.
So, I am heartily thankful to this period which made me a better person.
One and Only,
Prassani .

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