By Bansari Patel


There is a void in your heart where heartbeats used to be. You can’t believe something so beautiful like love can be so broken , So devastatingly destructive. Your soul is in tiny-tiny pieces. Each piece bleeding,screaming that one name you want to forget but there is no escape.
You are still holding on to those couple photographs. The only reminders left of love that is lost. But some memories are better left locked in a pandora box for they only bring pain. You sit under the stars and wonder if love is really supposed to be like this. If this is how it feels like to be in love then maybe you were better off without it.Your best dreams and worst nightmares have same person in it. That’s you. Your love wasn’t enough. You were not enough to be loved. You believe, the problem is you. Newton’s third law says every action has equal and opposite reaction. You wonder if the law applies to love as well. Silly.? illogical.? Yeah, but you would do anything to justify this pain.
Suddenly everything reminds you of ‘who’ was once yours. It feels like whole universe is mocking you of your loss. Mails in draft, unsent letters, half written love poems those are only companion, sad songs on repeat your favourite forever.
Abandoned. Something you never thought you would relate to. Now the word is etched like a permanent tattoo on your skin. You feel like a guest in your own body. You don’t belong there anymore. As if it was never your home. Now you know , you can be homesick for a person as well.Promises of forever are nothing but a trap. To make you believe in their lies. To make you fall in love. To make you stay. Until one day they wake up and decide they don’t love you anymore and leave. But the fool you are. You still believe there is something beautiful out there in the universe. Everyone calls it love, may be its not meant for you. But you believe, it does exist…✍🏼
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