By Khushi Patel

The Green T-Shirt (Part1)​

It was 2015
Tick tock, Midnight, the clock struck 2.
She was 15 then, sleeping in her bed, she suddenly woke up from her beauty sleep, something strange had happened. She saw a shadow from her window. That shadow came near her, she realized the shadow was trying to touch her at inappropriate body. She was aghast.
There was no one inside the house.
It was summer
Her dad and grandmother had slept in verandah, outside her house and her uncle’s lived upstairs, in joint family.
As she feared it, she pretended that she’s sleeping, but she was awake, shocked. She saw a little reflection of a green T-shirt, the shadow was wearing a green loose T-shirt and looked like he was in his late teens and wore spectacles.
Then she turned over, so the boy went away.
She was still shocked. Her body felt heavy and she was sweating, trying to gain consciousness about what she just experienced, was true or was it just a dream.
Ofcourse, it was real, frightened and shocked she didn’t sleep for whole night. Her tears had dried up.
Next morning, She decided to tell her dad what had just happened. As she wasn’t aware who did this, she started collecting clues about who wore green T-shirt and spectacles.
Later in the evening, She saw the same green T-shirt hanging at her uncle’s house. One of her aunt took that T-shirt from balcony, she was sure that one of her brother did it, but both had spectacles.
Just to be sure who did, she went upstairs to see who wears the Green T-shirt…
(to be continued..)

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