By Barshona Koley

The Moon to my Heart

Whenever I look at you in the dark sky, this is what I feel.
How beautiful and pleasant it feels when I look at you. You relieve my soul, you make me fall in love and believe in it. Your relaxing and soothing aura makes me fall for you everyday, the serenity and calmness that you hold makes me introspect within, that gives me all the positive affirmations and vivacious vibes, the energy and the power to feel the beauty that you behold, you make me rewind my memory chords to go back to all those joyous moments I can relive without any worries, you make me forget all the disturbances, the nuances and noises around. The way you look at me is incomparable and impeccable. You sooth my soul. You are beautiful than your beauty and brighter than your sparkle, you are the moon to my heart!
– From just another selenophile who loses herself in your charm.

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