By Barshona Koley

There is always a first time

Insensitivity hurts, it hurts bad. It shoves up into your brains, drains you out, almost sucks you up.
Yes, indeed it does! It builds a foundation which leads you to all the unanswered questions. You wait, you just wait and just wait with no answers knocking your doors. A patch of grey which leaves you all perplexed, all stunt and surprised and you still don’t have answers. Or hang on ! You have them. Yes, the answers are right in front of you. You refuse to see them. May be you are just too scared, too scared to confront the truth, too scared to hurt yourself again. You give in almost everything you have, you give in all the kindness you have in you with nothing left for your own self. You end up being unkind to yourself, being insensitive to yourself. You repeat what you see, you do exactly what they did to you.
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No that’s not how it should be, you deserve better darling!
You don’t get the right to allow someone to be unkind and insensitive towards you. You don’t get the right to allow someone hurt you again. You have to stand up for yourself. You have to raise your own voice. It’s easier said than done but you have to start somewhere. Unless you start how would you know which road leads to your destination. Take a deep breath and take your leap of faith. Unless you push the start button how would you know if you are capable of leading the road? Stand up, raise your voice darling , the faith in yourself will open the doors for you gradually. Take your first step.

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