By Bansari patel

To the guy I could (n't) get over,

Everytime I sought love, I ended up with bad choices. I terribly made mistakes of not analysing the person with whom I decided to share my dark past, my bitter secrets and most importantly ME.

Today while I carry a plethora of memories that we lived together,every cell in my body and every ounce of pain in my heart and every drop of my blood in my body, gushes out within me, refreshing the
scars that I keep burying every now and then.
“Move on” – these two words always seemed lame and difficult to me, until I tried to get over you with sheer confidence. Yet, your heavenly beauty is captured in my eyes, the sight of which keeps increasing rather than getting blurred. I feel vulnerable while I go
through the cycle of things attached with you.

As I succeed in dumping everything that you threw at me, you appear from out of nowhere in the rollercoaster of my life, with the scars getting fresh with each passing second and me getting lower
and lower in your thoughts once again. The cycle of our life and the chapter of our love seems never ending now.
It’s been years now, that we fell in and off love. But what excites me pretty much is your visit in the garden of my heart in chronological cycles which are unpredictable. I am sure you mustn’t be going
through what I am. For I’m a naive human searching for a light amidst that part of my life, which is engulfed in not just one layer,but several layers of darkness.
Today, I truly believe, that falling in love is easy but it may take ages if you can(not) get over a person in a few davs of their absence.

The one you keep visiting bluntly.

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