By Deepa Srinivasan

Unlock Yourslef

What is your dream? This line has been listed as the most frequently asked question, and I am sure, you must have been asked this one, at least for once in your life. We often don’t understand, what exactly the answer should be for that question. Honestly, we are all sailing in the same boat – confused, not knowing the destination, trying to handle all the pressures this society puts on us and the most important trait we all posses is not accepting that we are lost. We try to pretend that we are sorted in our life. Though there are many things, which need to be untangled. This happens, maybe when you try to pacify your mind by telling that you are still in the race.
Just imagine the blue print that you have made about yourself in your mind is wrong. What if you made that just to pretend that you are sorted in your life and in reality you never made an attempt to actually understand yourself. You have to analyze yourself to know what you are good at, instead of pretending to be good at something different so that people would accept you.
We need to start unlocking all those hidden potentials, which have remained locked until now. Unlock yourself. Unlock your thoughts. Unlock your desires. Unlock your happiness. Unlock your peace. Most importantly unlock your dreams, which will help you become the person you wanted to be.

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