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By Bansari Patel Introverts First of all let me tell you, you’re beautiful! People would judge you, call your names, bar you from the


By Harsh Nayyar Love L.O.V.E..This is the most used word in the whole world like I love her, I love him, I love that

By Bansari Patel REPERCUSSIONS OF LOVING & LOSING There is a void in your heart where heartbeats used to be. You can’t believe something

By Prassani Modi A step of goodness along with a smile can change someone’s day Today, with all the high spirits dancing inside; I


By Bansari Patel Netflix Aur Hum Tadaaaahhhhh…..Life before you was indigenous. But from the moment you came into my life, I became a part

By Bansari Patel WORDS WERE NEVER HIS LOVE LANGUAGE He won’t tell you that you are beautiful, but will keep his gallery filled with

DEAR 2020

By Bansari Patel Dear 2020 You came to us as an usual year. We rejoiced, celebrated, and welcomed you as we have done every

The Moon to my Heart

By Barshona Koley The Moon to my Heart Whenever I look at you in the dark sky, this is what I feel. How beautiful and

By Barshona Koley Magic happens the moment you start believing! Magic isn’t what you see, magic is what you believe to be true. My

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