By Rutvi Patel

You Are Amazing

Hey people!How are you doing ?

it’s been six months to 2020 but I will not ask how your year is going, come on I know you had a bad day or maybe a bad week ,a bad month ok a bad year. Neither of us expected it to be like this.
Hey listen I know everyone is making you feel you are less like you aren’t worth anything.
I know you are unhappy because you aren’t  beautiful like the way your crush want you.
You aren’t happy because you aren’t as rich just like your friends are. you are unhappy because you can’t spend time with him just like everyone spending time with the loved ones. You aren’t happy because your family  is supportive just like other families but that comparison yes that comparison make your worth less and because of this you also feel Numb on some days but my dear you are thinking too much. You are stressing so much Chill ok chill
you know what your worth is ?

dude your family is proud of you. you make your friends laugh ,every one cannot do that trust me. you are the best singer of your college. your voice and your writing has the magic to heal anyone. you know what you are an amazing Chef your family can get I don’t care if you cook watching YouTube cause girl your dish on the Instagram looked damn delicious and how can I forget I know you are the leader of your pubg squad.
listen even if we are not friends i am still proud of you because you know what you are much more than you think and only person making you feel bad about you is you.
stop doubting yourself because YOU ARE AMAZING!!!            

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