By Bansari Patel

You Will Be Appreciated 2020 !!

We welcomed you with hopes ,aspirations and dreams. New resolutions were made, and Goals were set to be accomplished. We were ready for a fresh start, stepping into yet another bustling year. Little did we know that you had other plans. You sent out early signs that this year wasn’t going to be easy on anyone. Whether it was billion animals that succumbed to death in bushfires, or a flight crash killing each one onboard. And when we conveniently overlooked the warning, you came up with a master stroke — a global pandemic.
But I’m not writing this letter to blame or curse you. I’m sure you’ve heard enough of that already and will continue to do so for years to come.. 
I’m here to appreciate you. Yes, you have heard it right. Because as dreadful as you might have been, you were a wake up call for us . You pushed the brakes which were right in front of us all along, but with willful ignorance, we had only been pressing the accelerator. As the world paused, nature finally took a breath and we watched in awe. We witnessed clear skies after a long time and birds who had lost their way, came chirping back. You made us see that the world is not run by the rich and famous who issued orders from post office spaces, but by the ones who work selflessly on ground zero while struggling to make ends meet for themselves.
Thanks to you, they got the much – deserved respect. Yes, we saw suffering and pain that broke our hearts . But we also learned survival. You proved that there’s no place like home and there’s so much strength in unity. Life may get challenging but having loved ones around us surely makes it easier. We reconnected, with people and with ourselves. We found happiness in the smallest of things. History might smear a black mark across your face, but I’ll forever be grateful to you.
For making us realise that work is just a tiny part of life and it’s okay to not be productive every day. For showing us the importance of health, both mental and physical. For teaching us that nothing can be taken for granted, not even our existence. Especially our existence..!

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